Hot Stuffed Cherry Peppers by Sandbar
Hot Stuffed Cherry Peppers
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Sand Bar Hot Stuffed Cherry Peppers

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are Sand Bar Hot Stuffed Cherry Peppers different from other brands?
A. Most hot stuffed cherry peppers are Prosciutto wrapped around a chunk of Provolone and stuffed in to a pepper. Sand Bar Hot Stuffed Peppers are a healthy snack made with the highest quality Italian cold cuts and then rolled with cheese wrapped and stuffed in to the freshest cherry peppers available.

2. How are the Sand Bar Peppers made?
A. Unlike some other brands, Sand Bar Hot Stuffed Cherry Peppers are lovingly made by hand in a USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) inspected processing facility. All operations are all done by hand. Nothing is ever done by machines.

3. Are Sand Bar Peppers a healthy snack?
A. Sand Bar Hot Stuffed Cherry Peppers are low in calories and made with only the freshest ingredients. People are becoming more health conscious and are looking for healthy snacks. Be assured that our healthy stuffed cherry peppers compare favorably with most other snack foods.

4. What is the shelf life of Sand Bar Peppers?
A. Sand Bar Peppers have a shelf life of at least 365 days if unopened. After opening they should be refrigerated or kept in a cool dark place for maximum freshness.

5. What is meant by Cold Packed Stuffed Cherry Peppers?
A. Sand Bar Hot Stuffed Peppers are produced by packing them in a refrigerated room for maximum flavor and freshness. You can tell they are fresh by the snap when you bite into them.

6. I have noticed that some of your Hot Stuffed Cherry Pepper are packed in glass jars while others are in plastic. What is the difference?
A. Nothing really. We use glass jars for store display because the glass is a little clearer and little more shiny. We use plastic jar for peppers which are packed for shipping to save weight and prevent breakage. The peppers inside are exactly the same.

7. If have a store or restaurant, can I buy Sand Bar Peppers at wholesale to resell in my business?
A. As our peppers are produced under USDA inspection we can sell at retail or wholesale. Sand Bar Peppers are healthy snacks that meet all governmental food requirements. If you wish to buy for resale or to serve in a restaurant please contact us for bulk pricing.

8. I see lots of recipes for making stuffed cherry peppers on-line and in magazines. Why should I buy Sand Bar Peppers as opposed to making my own?
A. Homemade Hot Stuffed Cherry Peppers can vary greatly in quality, freshness, and flavor depending on the particular recipe, your own preparation skills, the quality of ingredients you use, the blend of oils and the temperature maintained during processing. Our proven recipe uses the highest quality and freshest ingredients available and are made under the strictest quality controls in a special temperature controlled room.

9. What is your privacy policy?
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